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    Read before applying. Empty Read before applying.

    Post  Schumacher on Fri Feb 06, 2009 12:45 pm

    Before applying please make sure you agree to all these rules and do not have any problems with the way this guild is run or you will not get far.

    Our main aim in Uprising is to be the best of our ability and succeed at raiding while enjoying ourselves. We only accept people who stride to be the best at their class and are willing to take criticism to further improve themselves and make the most of their class.

    We do not except people who:
    Think they can not be any better than what they are now.
    Make asses of themselves over trade channel resulting in bad guild reputation.
    Criticise other people even if they started it.
    Cannot attend 75% of raids.
    Constantly turn upto raids late or leave early.

    Raiding times:
    Wednesday 7:30pm - Midnight
    Thursday 7:30pm - Midnight
    Sunday 7:30pm - Midnight
    Monday 7:30pm - Midnight (If all content wasn't cleared earlier in the week)

    *Monday may become a permanent raid night when new content is released*

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