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    Application - Hunter 2/17/52


    Application - Hunter 2/17/52 Empty Application - Hunter 2/17/52

    Post  Sol on Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:49 pm

    Character Name: Solreaper

    Your Age: 21

    Level: 80

    Class: Hunter

    Spec: Survival 2/17/52

    Armory Link -

    Professions: Skinning450/Leatherworking442

    Burning Crusade raid experience:
    KZ , ZA

    WotLK raid experience:
    10/25 Naxx cleared, OS +1, 10maly

    Able to attend 75% of raids?: Yes

    Are you prepared to be in PvE spec for every raid?: Yes

    What is your previous guild and reason for leaving?: Defiance, members were not serious about end game raiding.

    Why should we recruit you over someone else?: You should recruit me over someone else because I would turn up to 100% of raids and always pull my weight to help the guild.

    What mods are you currently running?: DBM, SCT, NeedToKnow, RangeDisplay, Omen, Recount

    Do you have Ventrilo and a working Microphone?: Yes

    Basic computer and internet specs?: Quadcore, DSL (wow usually runs at 300ms, 60fps)

    What made you pick Uprising? I was looking for a guild that was serious about progression and end game raiding, I also chose Uprising to meet new people.

    Do you have any alts of note?: 80 Ret/Prot pally/ 77 DK

    What is your favourite song?: Rise Against - Ready to Fall

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    Application - Hunter 2/17/52 Empty Re: Application - Hunter 2/17/52

    Post  Pawsdeep on Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:42 pm

    We've got lots of hunters already I'm sorry.

    Because I'm good at this game.

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