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    Post  Azulsamu on Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:14 am

    Character Name: Azulsamurai

    Your Age: 18

    Level: 80

    Class: Shaman

    Spec: Elemental

    Professions: Enchanting, Mining

    Burning Crusade raid experience: start of BT, kara, tempest keep, gruuls lair, mags, mayb more cant remember

    WotLK raid experience: everything sept 25 maly

    Able to attend 75% of raids?: yea bo

    Are you prepared to be in PvE spec for every raid?: yes

    What is your previous guild and reason for leaving?: Static, it disbanded

    Why should we recruit you over someone else?: Because shamans are in demand Smile

    What mods are you currently running?: shaman friend, omen, recount but prefer not to use

    Do you have Ventrilo and a working Microphone?: yes and yes

    Basic computer and internet specs?: 2 gig RAM, 250 gig HDD, 2.1 GHZ laptop

    What made you pick Uprising? cool people, ive been aquainted with a few on my main, Multihammer. Also one of the few raiding 25 mans and would like to be able to raid uludar when it comes out

    Do you have any alts of note?: Multihammer (holy pally) Stricken (my pvp DK) Stealthybank (my bank)

    What is your favourite song?: arrr so hard to decide i love music but probably Master of Puppets by Mettalica cause im old school

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    Joining-Shammy Empty Re: Joining-Shammy

    Post  Aeon on Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:24 am

    Metallica ftw Smile will need some more time to review this app

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